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AWSome Day Belgrade 2019

When you are a company competing in a cloud computing market it is key to reach out to your users, share your novel products and gather feedback from them. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a company that leads the cloud computing market and  certainly can be used as a role model when it comes to organizing user-centric events.

At AWS there are a number of event levels. From events like re:Invent, which is one of the largest conferences in the world, which brings 50,000 people to Las Vegas, over AWS Summits, which happen in major cities across the world, all the way to local one day events like AWSome Days. On 24th of September 2019 AWSome Day came to Belgrade and it was a great opportunity for AWS enthusiasts to hear talks directly from AWS business people and solutions architects.

The event was organized in collaboration between Yiannis Nasios, Territory Manager CEE / South at Amazon Web Services and technical experts from AWS and and from our delivery partner, Fast Lane.

Program included both business talks and technical talks, out of which two talks stood out - Deep Dive on Serverless Architectures by Nemanja Kostić and AWS Purpose-built Database Strategy by Darko Mesaroš by receiving the biggest applause by the audience.

Event was also supported by AWS User Group Belgrade whose members (including myself) put up a community booth in the hall. We developed a small quiz app using AWS Amplify and gave out a book and some AWS branded T-shirts to contestants with best scores. Additionally, we gave a demo on building Amplify applications and conducted interviews with speakers at the event.

It was a really important event which showed that local business and development community really is interested in what AWS has to say. The number of 700 registered attendees is what gives us hope that perhaps an AWS Summit event will come to our city in the coming years.




Scaling Postgres DB for better performance - per aspera ad Citus

Not long ago we came across an issue with database scalability when working on a project for a client with expertise in data-driven management solutions. It threw both business growth and the project’s future into question. With a total size of around 3TB and number of rows that strive to 3 billions, we reached the limit of what a single-node Postgres database instance could do (in an acceptable manner). Read replicas were not effective because the application is write-intensive, and a significant lag was in evidence between the main node and replicas. We tried various optimization techniques including ones from Postgres and in-memory processing and calculations, but we were still pushing the boundaries of scalability. As shown in the graph below, CPU was hit hard several times during the month. The average number of disk read operations per second shows that out working set was almost completely in memory on a daily basis. Even we tried with scaling up the DB instance cl

Serverless Days Belgrade 2019

Ever since the first Lambda function saw the light of day, back in  December of 2014, Serverless, a new paradigm in cloud applications development that Lambdas started, has become a hot topic. As good tradition dictates, hot topics in software development are best discussed and spread by organizing topic-specific conferences and Serverless is no excuse to this tradition. In 2017 in London, Serverless Days conference was born. During its brief history it visited nearly 20 cities around the globe and on September 13th it came to our home town of Belgrade, Serbia. Here at DEVersity we are focused on keeping a close eye at software development trends and we are well into Serverless applications development, so the opportunity to hear from, and meet in person, so many great names of the Serverless world made our decision to visit this conference in greater numbers very easy. Eleven of us attended, and here are our impressions: Organizaton This extremely valuable event for